• Stanton DeFreitas Has Experienced Many Different Cultures

  • Posted on August 18, 2015
  • Stanton DeFreitas has experienced many different cultures and has been happy to be able to meet with and befriend people from all over the globe. He was born and raised in Canada, but is proud of his Caribbean heritage. In truth, though, Stanton DeFreitas considers himself a citizen of the world. This means that he recognized how connected the world is and how important it is to gain an understanding of other people and cultures. Stanton DeFreitas was raised in an incredibly diverse neighborhood in Toronto's East End, so he was exposed to many different cultures from a relatively young age. This gave him an appreciation for our differences as well as our similarities.

    Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer or author who composes pieces on various issues related to his personal philosophy. He believes that his unique philosophy and approach to multiculturalism and global understanding would be of interest to readers.

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